PinkSeoul Mask Box | August 2016

PinkSeoul is a K-Beauty subscription featuring 3 different types of subscription boxes:

PinkSeoul Subscription Boxes
source: PinkSeoul

My Mask Box was curated for my Combination Skin Type with a focus on Pigmentation.

I’ve been breaking out like crazy lately and I can’t seem to figure out why! I’m not too sure if it has to do with my recent life event; maybe my hormones are just going crazy; or stress is just too high at work and at home? Whatever it is, I’m planning on switching my focus to acne instead of pigmentation in September’s box. Hopefully it will help reduce my breakouts.

If any of you are subscribed to the Pink Seoul Mask Box with a focus of Acne,  how do you like it so far?

Let’s move on, shall we?


This month, I received another wonderful array of mask products!


The full-sized item I received this month was the Skin Food Black Sugar Wash Off Mask.  I already own this myself and use it once a week.  It is a very nice exfoliator so I’m glad to have another one as back up. It’s a bit rough for me to use it on its own, so as suggested in the instructions, I add a bit of water to soften it.

I also received two samples.  I’ve already used the Tony Moly Banana Hand Milk. It has a nice, sweet banana scent (very candy-like).  It softened my hands up and did not leave me greasy.


How cute is the Animal Cutie Mask Pack from SOC?! This mask has whitening properties and boosts hydration.

I recieved the 5ILDONGAN Premium Bio Cellulose Mask (Ginseng) in my May Mask Box. I enjoyed it and am glad that I received another one.


I’ve only tried a bubble sheet mask once by Tony Moly so I’m excited to try this from Mediheal!

As mentioned earlier, my skin has been going cray cray and I’ve been suffering from inflammation along my jawline.  I was so glad to receive the Pure Snail Mask from Tosowoong as snail products have done a great job of calming my skin and lessening any redness going on my face. A more in depth review of this mask will be up soon 🙂


I’m slowly becoming a fan of Skinfood products and am glad to be adding to my collection! The artwork on the packaging is simple yet beautiful. I know that orange has brightening properties.  I looked up the purpose of lentils and found that they have moisturizing properties.


These masks are just eye catching and look like they’ll be fun to try out. Both are from Mediheal and I have definitely become a fan of their products and packaging.


More brightening masks from The Face Shop! I love me some lemon & rice products.  They always do a good job of brightening my skin and they smell nice too!

It looks like September boxes are SOLD OUT on PinkSeoul’s website. If you’re not already subscribed to PinkSeoul and would like receive October boxes head on over to their website and subscribe now!



IPSY GLAM BAG | September 2016 REVEAL


The first week of this month has definitely gone by quickly.  I hope you all had a great weekend!

Ipsy reveals are up! I am so excited for all products I’ll be receiving this month!

What are my fellow Ipsy subscribers receiving this month?

Click here if you want to join in on the glam bag fun!


Play! by Sephora | August 2016 Review

Sephora Play August 2016

I am OBSESSED with Sephora.

Okay, maybe not. But I adore it more than I should. For just $10 a month, subscribers receive:

  • Five deluxe samples (plus a fragrance bonus) from the same prestige brands we carry in our stores that are sized to use multiple times.
  • A PLAY! BOOK packed with tips, tricks, and helpful advice.
  • A PLAY! PASS to redeem in-store for a free one-on-one tutorial and 50 bonus Beauty Insider points with any product purchase during the same store visit.*
  • A collectible makeup bag.
  • An invitation by email to attend PLAY! DATE, a subscriber meetup held at select Sephora locations across the country.

This subscription is definitely worth $10. I understand that you can get a bunch of samples from the Sephora store or online, but I rarely shop there and the nearest store is miles and miles away. I also enjoy the fact that I can sample a bunch of high end products and discover new brands and products that I would have never thought to experiment with on my own.

This is my second box and this month’s theme was focused on The Eye Openers- Wink Outside the Box!

Sephora Play August 2016 2

Sephora Play August 2016 3

Sephora Play August 2016 Lancome

Énergie de Vie The Smoothing & Glow Boosting Liquid Moisturizer

Lancome is a very high-end brand and nothing this brand produces comes cheap. A full size of this liquid moisturizer retails for a whopping $55!!!

I have been using this liquid moisturizer for the past week and I love it so far.  It claims to be good for all skin types.  The moisturizer is infused with antioxidants and is very light and refreshing.  I use it in the morning as a day “moisturizer”.  The consistency itself is very watery and essence-like and a little goes a long way.  At first, it is very fragrant but doesn’t linger. I find that my face has a nice dewy glow after application. It’s also good to know that this moisturizer is formulated with parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. It’s way out of my budget when it comes to skincare, but I will definitely keep it in mind if I really feel like splurging on myself in the near future.

Sephora Play August 2016 Algenist

Complete Eye Renewal Balm

I’m very excited to have received this product this month.  I have not been in the market for anti-aging products, but could always start as a way for prevention. I’ve never used an eye cream before so I was super excited to try it out.  The sample size is a very generous amount as you only need a pea-size amount for each use.

This eye balm is formulated with Alguronic Acid (encourages cell regeneration for smoother complexion), vitamin C (boosts radiance & reduces wrinkles), caffeine (reduces puffiness), cucumber (soothing and hydrating effects), aloe, and green tea extracts. This too is formulated without parabens, sulfates, and phthalates.  It is supposed to treat fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, and puffiness.

 I’ve been using this balm every morning and in the evening before I go to bed.  It’s too soon to tell for immediate results.

Sephora Play August 2016 Make Up For Ever

Artist Shadow Eyeshadow and Powder Blush in I544 Pink Granite (Iridescent)

This is a very nice shade that I’ve been using over my lids for a pop of color each morning.  It is very soft and creamy and blends nicely.  It is also a very buildable shadow.  (Swatched below). It pairs nicely with the eyeliner I received below.

Sephora Play August 2016 Eyeliner

Contour Eye Pencil 12hr Wear Waterproof in 
33 Love Affair – Plum

Surprisingly, I was very impressed by this eyeliner.  Again, I’m not a big fan of pencil liners, but this one is lovely.  It is definitely waterproof!  I swatched it about 9am along with the eyeshadow and it was still present later that evening (even after doing dishes and giving baby a bath!!).  I am in love with the shade and have been using it on weekends when I don’t have to be all dolled up. I’ve been browsing through their color selection and I definitely plan on purchasing this specific shade and others after I am out of this sample.

Sephora Play August 2016 Urban Decay

Urban Decay
Perversion Mascara

Everyone raves about this mascara…and I wasn’t impressed. The brush is nice and fluffy, but the mascara didn’t lengthen or volumize my lashes like it claimed it would do.

Sephora Play August 2016 Clean

Reserve Warm Cotton

I love that this subscription includes a bonus fragrance each month.  This scent reminds me of fresh laundry. It’s not something I’d wear daily, but it’d be nice to spray around the house if it needs a bit of freshening up.

Sephora Play August 2016 Swatch
L to R: Make Up For Every Eyeshadow, Sephora Eyeliner. How amazing is this combo?!

Click here if you want to be added to their waitlist or if you want to check out Septhember’s box!



ipsy august 2016

Ipsy is a monthly beauty subscription (make up, skin care, hair care, nail care).  Pricing is only $10 a month and shipping is free (in the US). Each glam bag will contain a mix of 4-5 full size or sample size products.  This subscription is perfect for anyone looking to sample new products before committing to them!

This month’s theme is Sugar Highness. The bag came in two designs this month and was designed by the lovely Michelle Phan. I obviously watch too many cartoons with the kiddos because I immediately thought of Adventure Time when I received my bag lol

ipsy august 2016 pacifica


My Pacifica collection is growing thanks to Ipsy. Pacifica is a great brand because they work to be sustainable and I love that they’re gluten-free, 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

While everyone is gearing up for Autumn, Arizona’s got about 2 1/2 more months of Summer left! So we’re all about looking tanned and sun-kissed! The bronzer itself is very lightweight and blendable and I love the gold sheen to it. (Swatched below.)

ipsy august 2016 beauty for real

Beauty For Real
I-LINE 24-7 Eyeliner in Black Magic

Honestly, I don’t have high expectations for pencil liners.  I prefer gel liners. I was actually really impressed with this product.  It glided on very nicely and was very easy to control.  I prefer my liners to be the blackest of black and this was very pigmented! I tested this out on a work day and it did not smudge. Thumbs up! (Swatched below)

ipsy august 2016 ofra

OFRA Cosmetics
OFRA x @DupeThat “You Glow Girl” Highlighter

Holy unicorns! I haven’t had luck finding a highlighter that pleases me.  One swipe of this had my jaw drop.  With very little product, you get that perfect glow when the sun hits you right.  Ugh…enough words!! Look for the swatch below!

ipsy august 2016 ciate

Ciaté London
Paint Pot in Dangerous Affair

This is my second nail polish I received from Ciate and this time it is full sized! I wish I had taken a pic of this next to the mini paint pot I received in  a nude-pink color a few bags ago.  This is a very sexy, vampy color and perfect for Autumn.  I haven’t tried it out yet because I just got my nails done lol

ipsy august 2016 global beauty care

Global Beauty Care
Dead Sea Wash Off Mask

I absolutely love receiving skin care products in my ipsy bags! This mud mask from Global Beauty Care claims to be gentle and draws out dirt and impurities from your skin while peeling away dead skin cells.  My skin is in need of a deep cleanse because it’s been going berzerk on me. I love the packaging it came in. You can get multiple uses out of it without worrying about the product drying out.

ipsy august 2016 swatches
L to R: Ofra Highlighter, Pacifica Bronzer, Beauty for Real Eyeliner (each with one swipe)

I was very, very happy with my glam bag this month.  The bronzer and highlighter were products that complimented each other. I’ve been using the eyeliner everyday and still can’t get over how pigmented it is.  The nail polish is just a reminder that Autumn is on it’s way and I can’t wait! And I’m an absolute skincare junkie and think it’s perfect timing to receive a deep cleaning mud mask to treat my skin while I’m trying to figure out why it’s going cray cray on me.

Ipsy is good for your soul.  Use my referral code HERE to get started with your very own glam bag!


IPSY GLAM BAG | JULY 2016 Review


Ipsy is a monthly beauty subscription (make up, skin care, hair care, nail care).  Pricing is only $10 a month and shipping is free (in the US). Each glam bag will contain a mix of 4-5 full size or sample size products.  This subscription is perfect for anyone looking to sample new products before committing to them!

This month’s theme is Hot Summer Nights. The bag itself is very cute.  It’s silver/shimmery with a rainbow hue to it with little umbrella graphics all over it.  Personally, there is something very retro about it.


First up, we have not just 1 packet…but 4 packets (!!!) of  Anti-Frizz Sheets by Nunzio Saviano. Thank you Nunzio!!! I always feel special when I receive salon products and samples.  Can you believe that a box of 15 of these retails for $18?!

These little packets are perfect for on-the-go.  It’s supposed to control static, eliminate frizz, and tame flyaways.  This is perfect for me because I usually find random strays of hair that won’t stay put.  Each sheet is infused with coconut oil and will give your hair that summer shine.

I have yet to try this out because I’ve been keeping my hair up in a bun during this Arizona heat wave.  Monsoon season is upon us, and we’ve been getting a sprinkle here and there, but not enough to cool us off. I’m literally saving this for a rainy day for when it gets a little more humid out here and I can leave my hair down 🙂


Next up is a full size Banana Setting Powder from Bella Pierre Cosmetics.  First off, this retails for $35! Wow!!! Functions for this powder is to: set make up (mainly undereyes), color correct redness, spot correct, or used as a base for your eyeshadow.

I’m not one to “bake” my face, but I tried it out and was pretty impressed.  The powder is lightweight and gave my face and nice matte finish. It eliminated shine from my T-Zone and chin.  Although it’s supposed to work with all skin tones, I found that adding too much of it on my face made me look pasty.  I really had to work to dust a lot of it off. It’s too soon to tell if it made my make up last a little longer. I’ll let you know how well it is working once I get my technique down lol 😉


Here is another great full size product from Trust Fund Beauty. This nail polish is in the shade No Filter.  The shade is absolutely gorgeous and retails for $15! I really appreciate that this brand works to minimize the use of toxic ingredients and that they are vegan and cruelty free.

Although it claims that you don’t need to double coat, I found that I had to apply a second coat just to hide my uneven streaks.  Again, I am working on perfecting my technique!

IMG_4910IMG_4911L to R: 1 stroke vs. 3+ strokes

Next we have a Felt Tip Eyeliner in Emerald Isle from ML cosmetics.  I wanted so bad to love this product because it was different to me.  I’m a black eyeliner kinda gal and would love to venture out to different shades once in a while.  The green shade looked black on me.  The ink bled and as soon as it hit water, the ink disappeared.  I wish it were waterproof!


Lastly, we have a mascara from Make Up For Ever. This is my 3rd mascara I received in a row in my glam bag.  I had high expectations for this mascara just because it was made by MUFE.  To me, it felt like there was barely any product in the tube. My wand was barely covered in product the first time I pulled the wand out.  And when I tried to apply it to my lashes, I wasn’t even sure I was getting any on there because it seemed like the mascara was dried out.  It did absolutely nothing except klump my lashes together. I was hoping that the short bristles would evenly coat my lashes…but failed.

Overall, I was happy with my glam bag this month.  There were a couple of misses but I am definitely happy to sample products I never would have picked out for myself. Receiving more than one full size product is always a plus!  If you’re interested in getting yourself a glam bag, click here!

Fellow ipsters, what were your favorite products you received this month?



ipsy july glam bag 2016

At last, Ipsy reveals are up! Not gonna lie…it was agonizing without early access lol I must say, I’m glad I didn’t go cray cray like some subscribers out there.  I was beginning to feel bad for Ipsy Care with the constant nagging from fellow subscribers.

On to the goodies! Not a great first impression for me this month.  This will be the 3rd time in a row I’ll be getting a mascara from Ipsy (Check out my May and June reveals).  The anti-frizz sheets probably won’t get used until it cools down here in AZ.  With this heat, you’ll rarely see me with my hair down! I’m in dire need of a new eyeliner so I’m glad to be receiving a new one this month!

Nunzio Saviano Anti-Frizz Sheets
Trust Fund Beauty Nail Polish in No Filter
ML Cosmetics Felt Tip Eyeliner in Emerald Isle
MAKE UP FOR EVER Excessive Lash
BelláPierre Cosmetics Banana Setting Powder

What are you getting in your glam bag this month? Is there anything in my bag I should be particularly excited for?

If you’re not a subscriber yet and would like to get a glam bag of your own, sign up here!


PinkSeoul Mask Box | June 2016


My PinkSeoul Mask Box arrived yesterday and I’m so excited to share it with you all! I’m very satisfied with all products I received and look forward to another month with them!

PinkSeoul is a K-Beauty subscription featuring 3 different types of subscription boxes:

PinkSeoul Subscription Boxes
source: PinkSeoul

My Mask Box was curated for my Combination Skin Type with a focus on Pigmentation.

IMG_4812FullSizeRender (5)IMG_4818IMG_4821FullSizeRender (4)IMG_4816IMG_4815

I received 2 modeling masks, 8 different sheet masks, 2 samples, a full size oil cleanser, and a pH tester strip! Have you tried any of the above?

Like what you see? Use FRIENDS10 for 10% off your first box! You won’t regret it! You can also click here for $5 off your first purchase from their shop!