IPSY GLAM BAG | JULY 2016 Review


Ipsy is a monthly beauty subscription (make up, skin care, hair care, nail care).  Pricing is only $10 a month and shipping is free (in the US). Each glam bag will contain a mix of 4-5 full size or sample size products.  This subscription is perfect for anyone looking to sample new products before committing to them!

This month’s theme is Hot Summer Nights. The bag itself is very cute.  It’s silver/shimmery with a rainbow hue to it with little umbrella graphics all over it.  Personally, there is something very retro about it.


First up, we have not just 1 packet…but 4 packets (!!!) of  Anti-Frizz Sheets by Nunzio Saviano. Thank you Nunzio!!! I always feel special when I receive salon products and samples.  Can you believe that a box of 15 of these retails for $18?!

These little packets are perfect for on-the-go.  It’s supposed to control static, eliminate frizz, and tame flyaways.  This is perfect for me because I usually find random strays of hair that won’t stay put.  Each sheet is infused with coconut oil and will give your hair that summer shine.

I have yet to try this out because I’ve been keeping my hair up in a bun during this Arizona heat wave.  Monsoon season is upon us, and we’ve been getting a sprinkle here and there, but not enough to cool us off. I’m literally saving this for a rainy day for when it gets a little more humid out here and I can leave my hair down 🙂


Next up is a full size Banana Setting Powder from Bella Pierre Cosmetics.  First off, this retails for $35! Wow!!! Functions for this powder is to: set make up (mainly undereyes), color correct redness, spot correct, or used as a base for your eyeshadow.

I’m not one to “bake” my face, but I tried it out and was pretty impressed.  The powder is lightweight and gave my face and nice matte finish. It eliminated shine from my T-Zone and chin.  Although it’s supposed to work with all skin tones, I found that adding too much of it on my face made me look pasty.  I really had to work to dust a lot of it off. It’s too soon to tell if it made my make up last a little longer. I’ll let you know how well it is working once I get my technique down lol 😉


Here is another great full size product from Trust Fund Beauty. This nail polish is in the shade No Filter.  The shade is absolutely gorgeous and retails for $15! I really appreciate that this brand works to minimize the use of toxic ingredients and that they are vegan and cruelty free.

Although it claims that you don’t need to double coat, I found that I had to apply a second coat just to hide my uneven streaks.  Again, I am working on perfecting my technique!

IMG_4910IMG_4911L to R: 1 stroke vs. 3+ strokes

Next we have a Felt Tip Eyeliner in Emerald Isle from ML cosmetics.  I wanted so bad to love this product because it was different to me.  I’m a black eyeliner kinda gal and would love to venture out to different shades once in a while.  The green shade looked black on me.  The ink bled and as soon as it hit water, the ink disappeared.  I wish it were waterproof!


Lastly, we have a mascara from Make Up For Ever. This is my 3rd mascara I received in a row in my glam bag.  I had high expectations for this mascara just because it was made by MUFE.  To me, it felt like there was barely any product in the tube. My wand was barely covered in product the first time I pulled the wand out.  And when I tried to apply it to my lashes, I wasn’t even sure I was getting any on there because it seemed like the mascara was dried out.  It did absolutely nothing except klump my lashes together. I was hoping that the short bristles would evenly coat my lashes…but failed.

Overall, I was happy with my glam bag this month.  There were a couple of misses but I am definitely happy to sample products I never would have picked out for myself. Receiving more than one full size product is always a plus!  If you’re interested in getting yourself a glam bag, click here!

Fellow ipsters, what were your favorite products you received this month?



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