August Empties + Life Update

August 2016 Empties

Yes, this month’s empties are…lacking. And there is a reason for that!!

First off, my favorite empty this month has probably got to be the Mediheal sheet mask I received from my Pink Seoul Mask Box.  Aside from the fact that there was a cute bunny on my cheek, I love the feel of ampoules on my face. It instantly calmed any irritation going on and I saw that it brightened my face after use. Nothing really disappointed me this month.

Let me just say…pregnancy and skin care are very tricky.  Yes, for the last two months, I was pregnant.  As soon as I got that positive test, I laughed…and cried…and laughed some more.  Then my eyes wandered to my stash of skin care products.  With my 1st pregnancy, I was more worried about foods I could and could not eat. I wasn’t so much into skincare back then. I had to revamp my current routine to make sure it was safe for me and baby.

Then around my 10 week mark, we lost the baby.  Everything happens for a reason.  Life goes on even when one ends.  A little piece of me is in heaven now…and I’m in the process of accepting that.

So there’s a little explanation for me being MIA.  I’m getting back to my routine and am very excited to get back to trying new things and sharing them with you 🙂 Skincare has been very therapeutic for me over the last few weeks.  It’s always nice to feel pampered and to know I’m doing something good for myself.  And once you start to see the results, it really is a magical feeling.



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