Mask Monday #3


Claims: vitalize skin around eyes that appear dark & dull due to various elements

After a week of caring for a sick baby, my dark circles made it pretty evident that I have been lacking sleep!

I got this mask from my Tony Moly haul at Ulta.  I decided to use it before work on a Monday.  I figured if I can’t act like I’m awake, I might as well try to look like I am!

This was a fun product to use and I wish I had taken a picture with these on! They’re little cut outs that fit over your eyes with little flaps you could pull over your lids. After using them for 20 minutes, the area around my eyes really did look like they were radiant and glowing.  The dark circles were still there, but I wasn’t expecting them to miraculously disappear after one use. I definitely plan on buying more of these!


Claims: Calms, soothes, and moisturizes skin

I got this mask from my February Mask Maven subscription. The mask was very moist which is always a plus for me! It was a fragrant mask, but not overbearing.  I don’t think the mask fit my face very well. Since it was very moist, it kept trying to slide off my face.  I was constantly having to readjust even though I was laying down the whole time! Although the mask claims to calm and soothe skin, I found that breakouts around my face were still irritated the next morning 😦


Claims: cleanses impurities, dead skin cells, and sebum hidden in pores. Massaging effect

Boy this mask was moist! Upon removing the mask from the packaging, I noticed it was very slippery.  The mask covers every part of your face except your forehead. I have no issues with that since it’s addressing my acne prone areas.

Apparently, once it comes in contact with air, foam is activated.  I had difficulty unfolding the mask since it was slippery and oddly shaped and I panicked because the bubbles started foaming.

The mask smelled very “clean, like a bar of soap. The mask stuck to my face well and I didn’t worry about it moving around even with its slippery texture. As the bubbles formed, I felt the ticking sensation. The foam building up even tried going up my nose while I was breathing lol

After 10 minutes with the mask on, you’re supposed to lather and rinse. My face felt tingly and smooth, but ended up feeling tight moments later. I’m not a big fan of that feeling after cleansing my face. The next morning, my face still felt smooth, but was still tight.



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