PinkSeoul Mask Box | April 2016

Happy Mask Monday everyone!

I’ll be honest here.  I’ve been stalking this subscription ever since I heard about their pre-launch.  I was a bit skeptical and I really regret not signing up for their first mask box! After snooping through everyone’s photos on Instagram and reading reviews on blogs, I finally caved and subscribed to the April Box.

Anna, creator of the subscription, is also a big sweetheart! I love how she takes the time to answer all responses on social media! I’ve commented a couple times on Instagram and have received responses back in a timely manner!

Pink Seoul is a K-Beauty subscription featuring 3 different types of subscription boxes:

PinkSeoul Subscription Boxes
source: PinkSeoul

Each subscription box is customized and curated just for your skin type and you receive FULL SIZE products that have been tried & true! Their focus is on providing subscribers with products you can incorporate in your existing routine.  I love receiving samples, but it’s so hard for me to tell if a products works for me in such a short amount of time. PinkSeoul truly understands that all skin types are different and they have a little bit of everything for everyone.

I decided to try out my first box with a discount code I found online.  Use FRIENDS10 for 10% off your first box! You won’t regret it! You can also click here for $5 off your first purchase from their shop!

PinkSeoul Mask Box 1PinkSeoul Mask Box 2

Upon receiving my box, I instantly fell in love! There were so many goodies packed into a tiny box!

PinkSeoul Mask Box Welcome Cards

My box was packed with three little note cards.  The first was a welcome card.  All new subscribers receive one and it introduces you to the tedious but successful Korean skincare routine.

The second note card included is regarding your skin type.  It includes skin care tips and information on beneficial ingredients for you.  Before finalizing my subscription, I selected that I have Combination skin with a focus on Pigmentation.  Again, it’s so nice to receive products that all cater to my skin type and area of focus!

The last note card is included in everyone’s April Mask Box.  It contains information on all products including instructions, key ingredients and their benefits, and pricing.

You can tell that every little note comes from the heart and it’s got a nice personal touch to it that I really appreciate.  I am all about details and PinkSeoul does an amazing job addressing everything!

On to the goodies!!!

FullSizeRender (2)

I saw that everyone that got the March box got a super cute headband and was bummed that I was missing out.  To my surprise, I got my very own pink headband this month! Now I definitely feel like a part of the PinkSeoul community!!

PinkSeoul Mask Box April 2016PinkSeoul Mask Box April 2016 2PinkSeoul Mask Box April 2016 3PinkSeoul Mask Box April 2016 4PinkSeoul Mask Box April 2016 5PinkSeoul Mask Box April 2016 6

I look forward to trying everything I received this month! Are you subscribed to PinkSeoul?




2 thoughts on “PinkSeoul Mask Box | April 2016

  1. Wow thanks for reviewing this and showing your experience. I’ve never heard of them! Still, $30 a month is too expensive for my college student life. Sigh! I really want the mask box. Oh well! Maybe in a couple years if it’s still around XD


    1. I completely understand!! Pricing on the subscription is the reason I was hesitant about signing up in the first place (yay for discount codes!). I think they are excellent guides to amateurs like myself lol The customer service, presentation of the subscription box, overall curation for products for my specific concerns, and speedy shipping were pretty impressive. I’m definitely going to give their mask box another try 🙂


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