Mask Monday #6

Leaders 7 Wonders Mediterranean Olive Brightening Mask


This is a repeat mask. I stocked up on two more of these during my mini ulta haul.  You can check out my earlier review of this mask here.

I’m hoping that with continuous use of these masks, my skin tone will start to even and dark spots start to fade.  I haven’t really noticed much of a difference yet…but who I am to judge? I see my face everyday and can’t really note any immediate changes lol I must say, this mask is definitely turning into my favorite of all time!

Tony Moly Pureness 100 Pearl Mask

Tony Moly Pureness 100 pearl mask sheet

“You look tired.  Did the baby keep you up all night?”

No, I am very much awake and my baby actually sleeps all night, thank you!

I figured my face needed a little brightening.  Apparently, I don’t have that “glow” going on and need to appear awake!

I got this mask from my mini Tony Moly Haul at Ulta a while ago.  Pearls are not only timeless adornments, but they have many benefits for skin care.  Upon further research I found that Pearls rebuild and replenish collagen and aid in brightening your complexion.

This was a cotton sheet mask that was think and moist with essence. It was very hydrating.  The mask was a bit large for my face but it adhered nicely. I kept it on for 30 minutes.  The mask started to dry out before then.  It was fragrant but bearable.  It did not leave any stickiness or residue.


Tonly Moly Im Real Skin Purifying Seaweed Mask

TONY MOLY I’m Real Seaweed Mask Sheet

Here’s another mask I purchased during my mini ulta haul. I was already in line for check out when I saw this bad boy in one of the displays by the register.

This particular mask has Fucus Vesiculosus Extract.  This extract comes from  a type of seaweed called Bladderwrack.  It supposedly improves skin tone and increases skin elasticity.  It was very hydrating and my face definitely felt firmer. Thumbs up for not smelling like seaweed!

I’d love to learn more about you! What is your favorite mask?



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