Mask Monday #4

Botanic Farm Natural Energy Tea Tree Mask

  • calms irritated skin
  • restores cleanliness
  • treats stressed & blemished skin

I received this mask from my March Mask Maven bag.  With all the stress I’ve been putting my skin through, this felt like the perfect route to restoration and relaxation.  The mask fit my face nicely.  It was a bit too fragrant for my liking.  It had a musty, earthy smell.  This mask was DRIPPING with essence and I loved it!  It was very hydrating.  After removing the mask and letting my face dry, I felt that my face was a bit sticky.  I’m not too sure what happened, but the next morning, I woke up with a bunch of white heads 😦  Lesson learned: I really should start reading the ingredients list before I test anything out.  I noticed that alcohol was in the top 4 ingredients of the list.  I don’t think it’s ideal with my face suffering from dryness at the moment.

Kalahari Melon Moisturizing Mask

  • Treats rough skin & dryness
  • Brightens dull & tired skin
  • Improves uneven skin tone
  • Minimizes visible dark spots

Whenever my face feels like it needs a boost of hydration, I always turn to my Leaders 7 wonders masks.  I cannot get over how amazing they make my face feel! These aren’t your regular cotton masks.  These are coconut bio cellulose masks and they have a gel like texture to them.  It instantly provides a cooling relief as it meets my face.  I don’t ever have to worry about it slipping off.  I never worry about having to readjust since fits and sticks to my face perfect. I am also confident that serum is getting into my skin since there is no room for any air bubbles.  I really appreciate that my face gets a dewy finish and that I wake up with my face feeling smooth, hydrated, and plump. Okay, what are you waiting? Start your own little collections of these amazing masks!!

Dermal Charcoal COllagen Essence Mask


  • deep clean skin
  • firms face
  • promotes clean, bright, and youthful skin


I was expecting this mask to be black just because it’s a charcoal mask and has charcoal extract. Nope, it was your typical white sheet mask lol I enjoyed this mask very much.  It was very moist and did not leave a sticky residue after use.  My face really did feel like it had been deep cleaned and my complexion was brighter the following morning. I am definitely looking forward to using more masks that aid in brightening my complexion.  It was never something I looked for while mask hunting, but am definitely appreciating not looking so “dull” first thing in the morning!



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