ipsy march 2016 glam bag

Ipsy is a monthly beauty subscription (make up, skin care, hair care, nail care).  Pricing is only $10 a month and shipping is free (in the US). Each glam bag will contain a mix of 4-5 full size or sample size products.  This subscription is perfect for anyone looking to sample new products before committing to them!

Overall, I was very, very happy with this month’s bag. If you follow me on instagram, you’ll know that I had my March glam bag mailed to my office. And yes, you are seeing DOUBLES of 3 out of 5 of the products I received this month!!! Have you received anything more than you expected in any of your subscriptions?

This month, I believe there were 3 variations of the bag.  They all had the same design, but different colors.  I received a coral bag with mint green flowers.  It definitely screams “Hello, Spring!”

Ipsy March 2016 Essence Brow Gel

essence cosmetics
make me brow eyebrow gel mascara
Full Size Pricing: $2.99

I received two of these babies in my bag! I’ve never used an eyebrow gel before. Receiving this product motivated me to clean up my eyebrows a bit. It’s about time I step up my brow game!

I got this in the shade Browny Brows.  I really liked it.  I’ve read reviews of people complaining that it was too dark for them. I was a bit worried since my eyebrows are already BLACK and they definitely don’t need to be any darker than they are now.  The shade wasn’t dramatically dark on me. In fact, it was just right.  It’s buildable. I treat it as a clear gel to keep my brows in place.

The size of the brush was perfect.  It was small enough to brush the right amount of gel in gaps.  The formula also includes tiny little fibers to fill your brows to get the fuller look.

The price is great and I plan on buying more once I run out.

Ipsy March 2016 Beau Gachis Brush

Beau Gâchis® Paris
Eyebrow Brush
Full Size Pricing: $15.00

This is was another product I received double of in my glam bag! That’s $30 right there…triple what I paid for!  I received my bag around St. Patty’s day, so I figured the luck of the Irish was with me lol

These brushes work great. The bristles are nice and soft and short enough to get precision to get defined brows or the perfect wing.  So far, I’ve used them on gel and powder products and they work great on application.


Ipsy March 2016 Marc Anthony

Ipsy March 2016 Marc Anthony 2

Marc Anthony
Nourishing Argan Oil of Morocco 3 Day Smooth Perfect Blow Dry Cream
Sample size: 1.69 oz
Full Size Pricing: $8.99

I’ve always had this infatuation with Mediterranean history and culture. To read that this product contains ultra-light Mediterranean Olive Oil and Argan Oil, I was all in! Bring on the Greek Goddess hair!  Other than the olive oil and argan oil, this hair product includes shea butter, keratin, and vitamin E. FYI: Keratin is known for keeping hair smooth and sleek!

I don’t use too many products in my hair.  Aside from shampoo and conditioner, I’ll occasionally use hairspray to keep any stray hairs at bay.  It’s been crazy windy here and my perfectly styled hair never stays in place  once I step out the door.

The cream itself was light and had a scent of…marshmallows. Did anyone else notice that? Or am I just crazy?

This is a great anti-frizz product! After applying a little product to my hair and blow drying, my hair was light, smooth, and sleek. And I even noticed an extra shine. This product claims to work with all hair types.  It also claims to strengthen and seal split ends.  I cut my hair a few months ago so I don’t really suffer from split ends.  Hopefully this cream will work to prevent split ends!


Ipsy March 2016 Temptu Bronzer

Warm Glow Bronzer
Sample size: .25 fl oz
Pricing for full size: ?

The sun is out, everyone! Who doesn’t want to look like they were relaxing on the beach all day?

I received two of these bronzers in my glam bag.  This product is very liquidy.  I wasn’t too sure what the best application would be.  I figure I should blend it with my fingers since my brushes would probably soak up all the product.

The product color is too light for my skintone. It really is a beautiful color though.

Ipsy March 2016 Makeup Forever Primer

Step 1 Skin Equalizer- Hydrating Primer
Sample size: .16 oz
Pricing for Full Size: $37

I am still a newbie with primers. I wasn’t too sure what to expect from this product…

I am in love!

This is such a great product! I’m really thinking about investing in the full size primer, but why does it have to be sooo expensive?!

This primer is very lightweight.  I really like the scent of it.  It’s kind of floraly. I received the hydrating formula which is absolutely perfect for my currently dry skin (darn you unpredictable Arizona weather!). I did notice my foundation applying nicely which gave my skin an evenly-toned appearance. My make up also held for a longer period of time. This gets two big fat thumbs ups from me!!

I love everything about my March glam bag and I can’t wait to receive this month’s bag! What were your favorite products?



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