Wantable Makeup | March 2016

I had subscribed to Wantable last year and was VERY impressed with EVERY box I had received. I had to go on a hiatus since last summer because I had Baby G and needed to put my subscriptions on hold (babies are pretty pricey! And I felt like I wouldn’t have had the time or energy to be playing around with beauty products lol)

Before you subscribe, you take a very detailed quiz about yourself and your preferences that way your very own personal stylist will get an idea of what items to send you on a monthly basis. You rate items on a Like – Dislike scale.  You will ONLY receive products that you like. Anything you dislike will never be sent to you.

Your first box will cost $40 and every collection after that will be $36 a month. I personally feel that to receive 3-5 FULL SIZED products for only $36 a month is a fantastic deal!

The theme surrounding the March collection is to freshen up your cosmetic bag for Spring.

wantable colorscience brush cleaner

Colorscience Brush Cleaner
Retail: $17
My Price: $8.83

What a perfect product to freshen up my brushes! This is definitely an item that would reflect Spring Cleaning. I had requested this specific item on my Wantable stream and recieved it 🙂

I’m embarrassed to admit that I’m one of those people that should be cleaning her make up brushes more often than I actually do.

The cleaner itself had a nice citrus scent and looked like water. The key ingredients on the cleaner are alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, tea tree oil, and citrus. The cleaner bottle came sealed and it included a separate spray piece.  I really had no patience to constantly spray the cleaner and wipe brushes…sprya, wipe, spray, wipe .   I also like my cleaners to be sudsy.  It’s just nice to have a visual of the cleaner going to work and removing product off my brushes.  With this cleaner, I was unsure of how clean my brushes came out.  After finishing this bottle, I think I’ll stick to my good ol’ Philosophy cleanser.

wantable colorscience eyelash curler

Colorscience Eye Lash Curler
Retail: $17
My price: $8.83

Yes! You read that right! An eyelash curler for $17!!! This is the beauty of Wantable collections.  They give you items in your collection that you wouldn’t think to purchase on your own.  Personally, I would never have gone out to buy a $17 eyelash curler.

This was another product I had requested on my Wantable stream.  I was in desperate need of a new eyelash curler.  It did not come with extra rubber pieces, so hopefully, it’ll last long! It curled my lashes nicely and did not yank any lashes out.

wantable model co lip lacquer fire red

Model Co Lip Lacquer Fire Red
Retail: $24
My Price: $12.47

First impression: Uh oh…Fire Red.  That sounds a bit too flashy for me.  

But I was pleasantly surprised with this product! So surprised that this may be my favorite product this month! As soon as I pulled out the wand from the tube, I was welcomed with a scent of strawberries! Seriously, I was in the bathroom sniffing strawberry scented lip gloss for 5 minutes a minute.  A little definitely goes a long with with this lip gloss.  I love that the color itself is build-able. A little dab on the lips was enough for me.  It was also very hydrating and I’m diggin’ the dewy look it gives my lips.  This is definitely going to be used on a daily basis! The only con I felt was that the gloss (like any other lip gloss) was transferable.  I had breakfast on the way to work and it was off by the time I arrived.  No worries, reapplying lip gloss is never a bad thing to me. 

wantable model co lip lacquer fire red 2

wantable bodyography skin perfecter concealer

Bodyography Skin Perfecter Concealer #540
Retail: $19
My Price $9.87

I was introduced to Bodyography by Wantable.  I have a few products from them from previous collections.  I have been on the hunt for a concealer that matches my skin tone and I think I’ve found it! It suits my yellow undertones.  In other subscriptions, I typically get concealer more suited for people with peachy undertones.

This concealer is highly pigmented so a little will definitely go a long way. It is very hydrating/moisturizing and so far, I have not had any problems with creasing.

wantable march 2016 concealer lip lacquer swatches

I am VERY happy with this month’s subscription.  I have been using 3 out of 4 products on a daily basis.  I can’t wait for next month’s box!!! If you’re interested in subscribing to Wantable or just interested in browsing their collections, click here! It’d be great to fangirl meet other people that love this subscription as much as I do!



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