Mask “Tuesday” Extravaganza

Forgive me for missing the last two Mondays.  Sometimes, life happens and babies get stomach bugs and you just have to drop everything and be there for her. And as a thank you for understanding, I’m going to mash two Mask Monday posts and give you a Mask Tuesday Extravaganza! Regular Mask Mondays will resume next week 😉

A couple of weeks ago, I wanted to start my journey to perfect skin by treating my existing acne.

I am in no way an expert on sheet masks or skin care at all,  but I am definitely starting to get a sense of what makes my skin feel great.  I am starting to build up the confidence of what I look for in what I’d consider a quality mask. Sheesh…talk about a revelation! I really thought I was going to have to put up with acne and skin I wasn’t comfortable in for the rest of my life.

3w green tea

3W Green Tea Mask

  • Improves tired looking skin
  • Smoothes & hyrdrates

Green tea not only tastes great, but can we just talk about all of the benefits of green tea?

  • Improves complexion
  • Flushes toxins
  • Heals blemishes and scarring
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Improves skin elasticity
  • Treats puffy eyes & dark circles
  • Antioxidant – prevents premature aging

Holy smokes! Why didn’t I think of including green tea in my search for skin care products?

Upon reading on the benefits of green tea, I was super excited to try this mask. I got this mask from my February Mask Maven subscription. I kept it on for the max 30 minutes. The mask wasn’t packed in excess serum as I’ve been used to.  I felt that it was too small for me. And I’m a petite person! It was fragrant but bearable. Five minutes into wearing the mask, my face started to tingle.  I was hoping that was just a sign that the mask was doing its job and that I wasn’t going to get some kind of allergic reaction. The tingly sensation went away after a bit.  Overall, the mask kept my face hydrated. It even calmed inflammation that’s been bothering me for days. Thumbs up for this mask!

Leaders Mediterranean Olive Brightening

Leaders Mediterranean Olive Brightening Mask

  • brightens dull and tired skin
  • improves uneven skin tone
  • minimizes visible dark spots

Now that I’ve finally calmed any irritation from my face and my acne had come to a halt, I decided it was time to target any scarring I had going on.  I absolutely love Leaders masks!  I was introduced to them from my sister in law who works at Ulta.  I made my way to her store and ended up having a mini ulta haul lol I am a HUGE fan and have a whole stash of them at home. They’re a bit pricey though running at $6 a mask.  But I certainly believe they are worth it!

This specific mask has Mediterranean Olive oil which is rich with vitamin E (excellent for healing scars).  It works to moisturize and hydrate the face while relieving any irritation.  There are also antioxidant properties  in olive oils which will neutralize free radicals that cause skin damage and premature aging.

The mask was packed in excess serum. It is translucent and fit perfect on my face.  It is made of a gel type material and adhered to my face nicely. I didn’t have to worry about it slipping off if I moved around too much. My face felt hydrated through the entire time I wore it.  I used the excess serum for my neck and hands.  My face stayed hydrated through the night and my face really felt revived the next morning. I will definitely be buying more of these!

Tony Moly Tea Tree

Tony Moly Tea Tree Skin Soothing Sheet Mask

This mask targets uneven skin tone.

I bought this mask when I did a mini Tony Moly haul at Ulta.  I was a bit apprehensive to use this product because I’m not the biggest fan of the scent of tea tree oil.  I’ve worked with it before and it smells too medicinal for me. Tea tree oil has anti-bacterial properties that help to kill bacteria that aid in developing acne.  It also works to treat any inflammation.

I’m not too sure how this mask would mainly target uneven skin tone, but I figured why not?

The mask was made out of cotton and was DRENCHED in serum (always a plus!).  It fit perfectly on my face and had a nice cooling effect upon placement.  I left it on for the max 30 minutes.  It definitely relived any irritation on my skin.  There was no redness or swelling on sensitive spots on my face the next morning.  It’s too soon to tell if any pigmentation was lightened, but my face had a nice glow the next morning. The scent was tolerable and I plan on buying more!

Tony Moly Makgeolli

Makgeolli Skin Purifying Sheet Mask

The purpose of this mask is to make uneven skin tone look radiant and glowing. Makgeolli is a type of rice wine.  It is supposed to hydrate your skin and brighten and smooth your complexion.  It also helps to maintain skin elasticity.

I really enjoy the packaging of this line of Tony Moly products.  They are adorable!  The mask itself was made of cotton and was soaked in serum.  It was very hydrating but too fragrant for me.  I kept it on for the max time and felt a nice cooling effect.  I’m thinking if my skin every needs a boost of moisture, this line of Tony Moly masks are a must!

Leaders Caribbean Coconut Calming

Caribbean Coconut Calming Mask

  • Calms red and irritated skin
  • Leaves skin soothed and refreshed

This was another hydrogel mask from the Leaders brand.  Just like all of their other masks, I felt instant relief. As the coolness of the mask met with my face, I could do nothing but let out an…ahhhh.  I kept it on for  the 25 minutes and was in complete spa mode. This is definitely my go to mask whenever I’m going through a breakout or feel like I’m about to start breaking out.  This would be THE perfect mask to put on during Arizona summers!

pureness 100 green tea

Pureness 100 green tea mask

I started this post with a green tea mask…why not end with one? This was another mask I bought with my Tony Moly haul.  I had been pretty impressed with the last few Tony Moly masks I had tried out so I had pretty high expectations for this one.  I left it on for the max 30 minutes.  It was a bit too fragrant for my liking.  It calmed the inflammation but I felt the mask dried out way too quickly.  Towards the halfway point, I had to keep adjusting the mask and pressing it against my face because it was no longer sticking.  It was actually frustrating but I wanted to be sure I left the product long enough to feel/notice any changes.  In fact, I felt that with the mask drying out, my skin felt like it was suffocating (is that even possible?). I do not plan on purchasing this mask again. Bummer…

Well, ladies & gents! Hopefully this lengthy post will make up for last Monday! I absolutely love sharing my discoveries with you! If you have any masks you suggest me trying out, I’d be happy to check them out! Until then…










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